We Are Wado.

The sustainable sneakers brand that plants two trees for you.


Get your Wado shoes with a discount at up to 34% on Indiegogo!

The sneakers we have designed are based on three simple principles: sustainability, design and a competitive price. We realized that the sustainable fashion products that are currently traded in the market are much more expensive than non-sustainable ones and they do not follow fashion trends.

This first collection is inspired by the 80’s fashion: a retro shape, and colors that are aligned with our perception of nature, using the off white color as the basis. As a token to our reforestation activity we have added a detail of cork on the tongue, which will somehow appear in all our products.

The body and interiors of the shoe are made out of a chromium-free leather, which gives maximum quality to the shoes, something that for us is unquestionable.

Modelo ’89 – Green
85€ – 99€
Modelo ’89 – Black
85€ – 99€
Modelo ’89 – Garnet
85€ – 99€
Modelo ’89 – Off White
85€ – 99€
Modelo ’89 – Blue
85€ – 99€


You buy a pair of shoes, we plant two trees.


In Wado we are aware of the deforestation that our planet is suffering. That is the reason why we collaborate with the NGO WeForest. When you buy a pair of shoes, we plant two trees in Khasi Hills in the northeast of India.

Together we can reforest the most needed areas, in addition to help local communities to provide employment, wood and food resources.


We produce in small artisan factories in Portugal (the Iberian Peninsula). We work with suppliers that use production processes without chromium, one of the most harmful chemicals that exist.

This way we are empowering local industry, reducing transport distances and what’s even more important, we are avoiding the dangerous effects of this toxic product on the shoemakers and also on the environment.

thank you

For the Cherokee, ancient Indian tribe of the United States, Wado means “thank you”.

We have chosen this name as a way to thank both nature and those who make it possible for us to launch our project through Kickstarter.

“In Wado we believe that everyone can be what we call a “gamechanger”. Someone who carries out small actions that contribute to a better world.  Someone who is willing to begin the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to inspire customers and other companies to empower this revolution.”

Marta Llaquet, Co-founder


Ethic Workshops


No Chromium


Local Production


Fair Wages


We plant 2 trees

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly



All those of you who have participated in business projects know that they require a lot of effort, time and capital. That’s why we decided to bet on a crowdfunding campaign, first through Kickstarter, and now through Indiegogo. We are extremely grateful we could achieve our Kickstarter Goal, however we still need your help on Indiegogo, in order to keep fighting for our dream, which is designing new models and implementing 100% recycled materials in our shoes.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a web of collective financing where entrepreneurs publish their business projects to get money to be able to carry them out. Thanks to the contributions of friends, family and followers they are able to start their project. People who financially contribute to the project are known as “sponsors” or “backers”.

In exchange to their contribution, the bakers receive rewards from the company that publishes the project. Normally those “rewards” are the product they have created with a large discount on their future retail price. That way, the bakers get the product much cheaper and before it is launched to the market. In our case, you will get the shoes with a discount up to 34% and what is more important, they will be yours before they are available on the market.

Why should I reserve on Indiegogo and not wait for the online store?

  • Discount of up to 34% compared to the final price

When our shoes are lauched to the market they will be priced at 99€, but during the Indiegogo campaign you can get one pair from 85€.

In case you want to purchase more than one model we have prepared several packs so you can get even more discount (from 65€/pair).

  • Before they are lauched to the market

If you order your Wado shoes during the Indiegogo campaign, you will get a jump on them before they hit the market. After the fundraising campaign we will launch them on the market through our online store.

I am ordering my Wado shoes through Indiegogo but I cannot chose either the size nor the color

Do not worry, a survey will be sent to you within 10 days of placing the order to be able to choose size and color.

Can I financially contribute to the project without buying the shoes?

Of course! Everyone contributes with what they can/want and everything is welcome!

Can I contribute with more than the price set in the rewards?

Of course! That would be great. The more contributions, the closer we are to being able to launch our project.

Sharing is caring

We would appreciate very much if you shared our project with your friends and family in your social networks, whether you participate or not.

This project is very exciting and we have invested a lot of effort, time and money. Thanks for helping us to make our dream a reality.

What sizes do you have?

We have sizes from #36 to #46.

What colors do you have?

We have different colors; off white, black, green, garnet, blue & beige.

When will the amount of the contribution be charged on the credit card?

The contribution will be charged right after you back us.

How to clean my Wado?

Use wet wipes to clean your Wado sneakers. Do not put them in the washing machine! Because they are real leather, they could be damaged!


Must Know

Why do we use leather for the moment?

Animal agriculture, driven by the meat industry, is certainly a leading cause of deforestation in less developed countries. The waste product of this meat industry is leather. So, until people stop eating meat, leather will continue to be a waste product that can either be used or go straight to landfill.

We are testing new synthetic and eco-materials, but for the moment none of them match up to leather in terms of performance (chiefly breathability, durability and comfort). Current synthetics and microfibers are generally made of plastic and perform poorly while leather is a readily available waste product that performs exceptionally well. That is why we are very comfortable in using leather.

In the future, lab grown leather might well be what we use as meat consumption (and therefore available waste leather) reduces. We are closely keeping track of developments in this space.

When will the shoes be delivered?

We are very happy to announce that we have already started our production, so if you have bought your shoes before the 23rd of May 2018 (included) your shoes will be delivered end of June!

New backers, don’t worry! New Wados will be arriving in September!

Any doubt about the size?

In this LINK you can find a chart so that you can measure your foot to match your Wado size. By the way, the leather we use is very soft, so it will quickly adapt to your feet.

What if it doesn’t fit me?

If you want to change the size or the color after receiving them, you can send them back to us, however we have to charge you for the shipping.

Wado Sneakers

Why are we called Wado?

For the Cherokee, ancient Indian tribe of the United States, Wado means “thank you”. We have chosen this name because of the respect they had for nature and their simple way of living. This is also a way for us to remember the backers who made it possible to launch our project through Kickstarter.

Why sneakers?

Simple. We love them. They are reliable, take you anywhere and can last a lifetime. This first collection is inspired by the 80’s fashion: a retro shape, and colors that are aligned with our perception of nature, using the off-white color as the basis. As a token to our reforestation activity we have added a detail of cork on the tongue, which will somehow appear in all our products.

Where do you make your sneakers?

We produce our sneakers in Portugal. When it comes to the shoe industry, the Portuguese are now considered the best in the world. In fact, many luxury footwear brands we have spoken to on our journey are actually trying to move their manufacturing from Italy to Portugal at the moment.

How do you choose your manufacturers and suppliers?

Very carefully. We spent the best part of a year assessing manufacturers and suppliers, visiting premises and ensuring they meet our stringent criteria around quality, environmental management and ethical business practices. We wanted to work with people that share our same values, which is key for us.

How do you manage your supply chain?

With great care. We know our suppliers very well as we went to visit them various times and trust them. We have carefully vetted each of them, understand their processes in detail and regularly work with them on the ground. Our supply chain is all based in Portugal. This is both to reduce our environmental impact and also to ensure that we can have appropriate oversight of our supply chain with frequent site visits.

Our shoes are made out of leather, why?

  1. Extremely durable

Leather is extremely durable. Whereas synthetics and weave based shoes can fall apart after several months, a good pair of leather shoes can last you anywhere from 3-10 years. Less stuff being made, less stuff being wasted.

  1. Naturally breathable

Leather is animal hide. As a result, it has natural pores that promote breathablity in the summer but can also insulate in the winter. Sometime the old really is the new, it just works.

  1. Waste product of the meat industry

Until people stop eating meat, leather will continue to be a waste product of the meat industry that will either be used or go straight to landfill. Why not use it and avoid the consumption of a new virgin material?

We don’t use chromium, why?

The leather industry poses a serious threat to the health of those who work in tanneries. 90% of the workers in leather tanneries in Asian countries die before age 50 and suffer from many health problems during their lives. This is because of the use of Chromium and heavy metals in the tanning process.

To minimize the impact on the health of the shoemakers and the environment, our leather is tanned using an innovative bio-tanning process which is heavy metal free (including chromium). This is very rare in the industry and comes at a cost (our own margin) but we couldn’t consider using harmful heavy metals.

Ethical production process

Currently, 90% of the world footwear is produced in Asia. Most of the times workers are squeezed as if they were machines with precarious salaries, endless days and scarce security in their factories. In Blangladesh, fashion workers earn € 28 / month, half of what they need to cover their basic needs, that is why they often live on the floor of the factory where they work.

It is also known that there are children working in factories and tanneries that seriously threaten their health and it is common that during the first months they do not receive any salary.

This is why we produce in small factories in Felgueiras, Portugal, well known for its footwear production, where skilled lifelong shoemakers create our shoes in a sustainable way. We are proud to say they maintain a high standard of ethics: fair wages and shifts, equal wages between women and men, and most importantly, they are treated like family.

Wado Reforesting Project

Why is intervention needed?

Forests cover 31% of the land area on our planet. They produce vital oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife. Unfortunately, we’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute.

To fight against this global issue, we plant two trees for every pair of shoes you get in the Meghalaya state of India in collaboration with the NGO We Forest.

The local Khasi community are traditionally a forest-dependent people, relying on the native cloud forest for shelter, firewood, medicine and food, that is also under threat from deforestation and degradation.

This local community is empowered through a number of livelihood initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and build livelihood resilience, reducing pressures on the forest. This, coupled with education to change lifestyles and attitudes towards the forest, decreases the extraction of timber for energy and firewood.


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