Playgreen, become a Gamechanger.

The sneakers brand that plants two trees for you.
Ethically made in Portugal.


When we started Wado we only had one goal in mind: to make you effortlessly shift your lifestyle towards a more sustainable one. To help make that change, we offer you fashion products that you don’t pay more for… and what’s more important, that you don’t have to compromise on design.

This first collection is inspired by the 80’s fashion: a retro shape and colors that are aligned with our perception of nature, using the off white colour as the basis. As a token to our reforestation activity we have added a detail of cork on the tongue, which will somehow appear in all our products.

Modelo ’89 – Black
99€ – 119€
Modelo ’89 – Beige
99€ – 119€
Modelo ’89 – Green
99€ – 119€
Modelo ’89 – Garnet
99€ – 119€
Modelo ’89 – Off White
99€ – 119€
Modelo ’89 – Blue
99€ – 119€


FROM 99€



Most agents of the shoe industry produce in Asia which is often linked with a not realiable quality.

We decided to produce the Wados in Portugal. When it comes to quality, the Portuguese are now considered the best shoemakers in the world. In fact, many luxury footwear brands we have spoken to on our journey are currently trying to move their manufacturing process there.

Good conditions

Remote factories, especially Asian ones, do not ensure at all good working conditions for its employees.

Having our factories in Portugal allows us to maintain a high standard of ethics: fair wages, shifts and gender equality above all.


Reforesting project

We’re destroying 7.5 million hectares of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. Wado wants to fight agains deforestation and allow anyone to take part in this Project by planting two trees for every pair of shoes sold.

Wado community has already planted 28.000 trees, restoring 33 ha of forest.

More info on our planting project here.

Biodegradable leather

Today, most leather sneakers are tanned with chromium, which is a polluting chemical to the environment that also prevents the leather from desintegrating once we get rid of our shoes.

To minimize our impact on the planet, our leather is tanned using Wet-White (Chromium free) process, specially developed to improve its biodegradability.