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1. Identity and address of the Database Responsible.

In compliance with the EU Law on data protection, the data provided by members through any of the available channels of (hereinafter, the Site”) is stored in a file owned by the holder of the Site, WE ARE WADO, S.L., (hereinafter, “WEAREWADO”), with domicile in Barcelona and Spanish Tax Identification number B67195719.

WEAREWADO, as Database Responsible, informs that when filling the website’s form, Members are providing WEAREWADO their personal data. This data is collected and treated in an automated way and incorporated to a file registered by WEAREWADO in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Members accept this Privacy Policy and allow us to collect, use, preserve and protect their personal data under the terms of this Policy.

2. Purpose of the data treatment.

The purpose of the data treatment is to manage orders, delivery of products, provide services, process payments, contact the Members, update our registry and for the maintenance of the member’s account maintenance, as well as, to enhance the e-platform and prevent fraud or abuse in our Site.

If you do not agree with the mentioned purposes or do not want your data to be treated and/or stored by WEAREWADO, please send an email to

3. Right of access, amend, cancel and oppose.

The rights of access, amendment, cancellation and apposition can be exercised by sending an email to Member’s need to identify themselves and provide us with a copy of their ID/Passport or similar document, address, phone number and person of contact, in order for us to be able to verify their identity.

4. Confidentiality and security measures.

WEAREWADO guarantees that all the information provided by a Member is confidential and diligently treated.

WEAREWADO is committed to deploy the technical and management measures to guarantee the security of the personal data, in accordance with the state of technology. Member’s data is protected through technical and administrative security measures in order to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, non-authorized access, disclosure and modification. If you believe that your account or information has been object of a misuse, please contact WEAREWADO.

5. Cookies

WEAREWADO uses cookies with the aim to allow our system to recognize your device and to render our services. The Cookies Policy shall be found in WEAREWADO’s Site

6. Privacy Policy amendment.

This Privacy Policy can be modified or updated. We recommend visiting our Site frequently to check the most recent changes. Unless, otherwise stated, our current Privacy Policy applies to all the information regarding the User and its account.


The owner of the online platform and the web domain is the Spanish company WE ARE WADO S.L, with registered address in Barcelona (Spain), registered in the Company’s Registry of Barcelona in book 46374, page 2, section 8 and sheet B-517914, and holder of the Spanish Tax Identification number B67195719 (hereinafter referred as, “WEAREWADO”).

Contact email address:

Article 1. – Definitions

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred as, “T&C”) the following definitions shall be applicable:

- User: Any person or entity that may use the E-platform on subject to these T&C.
- WEAREWADO: The Spanish company holder of the E-platform, domain, technology and Services, as well as, when applicable, Group Companies or subsidiary companies.
- Site: Interface through which Members have access to the E-platform which can be through
- Service: The Services provided by WEAREWADO to its Members through the E-platform. The services can be updated, added or deleted at any time at WEAREWADO’s
- These Rules and other Rules: These T&C and all other Rules or Guidelines established by WEAREWADO, including the Cookies and Privacy Policy of the Site.
- Member’s data: The information provided by WEAREWADO Users through the Site.

Article 2. – User’s acceptance

These T&C regulate the access and use of the Site that WEAREWADO provides to the internet Users.

The access and browsing by the Users through the Site imply the acceptance without any kind of reserve of these T&C.

Article 3. – Object

These T&C establish the regulations under which WEAREWADO allows its Members to sing up, log in and access its services. When logging in the Site, you accept these T&C. The access and browsing of the Site are under these T&C, if you do not agree, understand nor feel comfortable with any of its clauses, please avoid the use of the Site, even for information purposes. In case of doubt please contact us and we will answer any questions regarding the use of the Site or our Services.

When accepting these Terms and Conditions, you state that:

You have read and understood these T&C.

You acknowledge the obligations in this document.

You acknowledge and accept that WEAREWADO can, at any time, include or modify the characteristics of its Services.

Article 4. – Log in to the Site

The access to the Site by Users is unrestricted and free.
To log in the Site, the User shall fill a form with its personal data. You declare that the information provided to WEAREWADO is true, complete, precise, comprehensive and updated.

You shall update and/or modify your personal information and your contact details. All the transactions carried out before the update of your personal data shall be based on our stored data.

It may be necessary that the User provides its personal data in order to log in to some of our services, the collection and processing of the personal data shall be subject to what is stated in Article 7 of the T&C.

Users shall use the services according to the law, moral and public order and to what is stated in these T&C. Likewise, Users shall appropriately use the service and not to use it for illicit activities or criminal offences against third parties’ rights or that break the laws.

Article 5 . – Project

WEAREWADO’s company’s object is the intermediation in the trade of sneakers and to promote environmental protection through awareness campaigns and to promote projects for tree planting.

WEAREWADO offers through its Site content and information about the products and services rendered to the Users and related to its social object detailed in the above paragraph.

Article 6. – Exemptions from liability

WEAREWADO commits to conduct its best efforts in order to avoid any mistake in the content of the Site. In any case, WEAREWADO shall be exempt from any kind of liability resulting from mistakes on the Site’s content.

WEAREWADO does not guarantee that the Site and the server are free of computer viruses and is not responsible for the liquidated damages that may occur for shutdowns in the operational functioning, delays or blockages from the electronic system from third parties different from WEAREWADO or caused by weaknesses in phone lines or overload in the internet system or other electronic systems, as well as damages caused by third parties through unlawful interferences that may be out of WEAREWADO’s.

You agree and accept that WEAREWADO is not liable for the damages caused by the interruption of the system, delay, suspension or loss of data caused by failure of the equipment or on the connection, unauthorized access to date or any other caused damages by the User in relation to the use of the rendered services by WEAREWADO, without prejudice, WEAREWADO shall develop with its maximum diligence its early resolution of the incidents.

WEAREWADO does not guarantee the content of emails sent from/to the Site.

WEAREWADO is not liable for losses or damages consequence of the breach of these T&C by a User.

Article 7.- Data protection

WEAREWADO takes the technical and organization measures needs in order the guarantee the protection of the personal data of the Users and to avoid its disruption, los, unauthorized treatment and/or access, taking into account the technical state, the nature of the stored data and the exposed risks, all of it considering the Spanish Data Protection Law.

Users may forward their personal data to WEAREWADO through the forms published on the Site. According to the Spanish Data Protection Law, WEAREWADO advices its Users that the personal data provided shall be included in an automatized file containing personal data, created and maintained under WEAREWADO’s.

The personal data obtained through the form and collected in the mentioned files shall be used to send commercial offers about services and products that may be of the Users interest.

WEAREWADO guarantees the security and confidentiality of the personal data provided by the Users, committing to keep its confidentiality obligation regarding personal data and its storage duty and to take the necessary measures in order to avoid its modification, loss and non-authorized treatment. Therefore, the information about the Users won’t be used with commercial purposes nor surrendered to third parties.

WEAREWADO Users shall be able at any time to exercise their access, modification, cancelation and opposition rights by sending an email to In such email Users shall include their identification data, a photocopy of its ID, their address and a phone number with the aim to verify their identity.

The personal data provided shall be truthful and uptodate until the Users indicates the contrary. You shall keep such information uptodate and you allow its use according to what has been stated in the above paragraph.

Article 8.- Forbidden acts

When using WEAREWADO’s services, you agree not to carry out the following:

Actions against the Law or against agreements subscribed between the parties, including but not limited to these T&C;

Actions that violate WEAREWADO’s, Providers or third parties rights, interests or reputation;

Engaging in activities that may affect the physical or mental development of kids or violate public order or moral;

Engaging in activities that may interfere or hurt other users or third parties feelings;

Provide false information.

Send virus, malware or cause electronic damage through computer programs or emails;

Access computer equipment owned or managed by WEAREWADO without authorization;

Users agree to maintain WEAREWADO free of responsibility in any claim, fine, penalty or sanction that results from a breach of the T&C or from the performance of a prohibited act, reserving its right to request an indemnification for the corresponding liquidated damages.

Article 9.- Intellectual Property Rights.

WEAREWADO is the owner and holder of the domain, brand, signs, Site and content, including texts or images of the Site, and are protected by the Spanish legislation about intellectual property rights in favor of WEAREWADO.

The use, reproduction, copy, transformation or transmission of content published in the Site, without previous written authorization by its owner is not allowed, nor the use of tools or searching or data extraction robots. It is also not permitted, without the company’s previous written consent, the publishing of a data base when its content is a copy of WEAREWADO’s services.

The User, solely and exclusively, can use the Site’s information for its personal use, being forbidden the use with commercial aim or that may incur in unlawful activities. All the intellectual property rights ware expressly reserved to WEAREWADO.

Being a User of the Site does not give any IP right over the artworks and content of the Site.

WEAREWADO shall ensure the fulfilment of the above-mentioned conditions and the right use of the Sites content, exercising all the civil and criminal measures needed in case of breach or non-compliance with these rights by the User.

If you have any doubt regarding the ownership of any of the content and/or the services rendered through the Site, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

WEAREWADO grants access to all type of information, services, programs or internet data that may be owned by a third party, in such case, WEAREWADO is not liable for such content nor the claims that may stem regarding quality, accuracy or adjustment of such content.

Article 10.- Third party links

WEAREWADO does not have any control over the content of such sites and in any case is liable for the truthfulness of such information and the use done with it. WEAREWADO shall no exercise any control over such sites and contents. Likewise, shall not be liable by the damages caused by the use of such links or by the information on them, even when expressly informed about the possibility of damages.

Links to third party sites do not imply its content subscription by WEAREWADO. If you deem necessary the withdrawal of any link to your site, please contact us sending us an email to

Such links are only provided in order to inform the User about the existence of other information sources or of commercial interest.

Article 11.- Privacy Policy

In order to use our service, our Privacy Policy needs to be previously accepted, as is part of these T&C.

Article 12.- Invalidity and inefficiency of the clauses

If any of the clauses included in these T&C were to be declared totally or partially, invalid or inefficient, such invalidity or inefficiency shall only affect that clause or the invalid part of that clause, subsisting all other clauses part of these T&C, considering such clause totally or partially not included.

Article 13.- Update of these T&C

WEAREWADO reserves its right to at any time and without prior notice, modify the information of the Site, its settings and its presentation and of the access conditions.

Likewise, WEAREWADO reserves its right to update at any moment these T&C, and the other general or particular conditions that may be applicable.

WEAREWADO will periodically review these T&C. When WEAREWADO includes or modifies any of its provisions, the update shall be immediately effective after its publication on the Site. Modifications included in these T&C shall not be retroactive.

You acknowledge and agree to be bounded by the Site’s applicable T&C at any moment and agree, to execute and fulfill them.

If WEAREWADO assigns a third party as the holder of the latest versions of the T&C, parties acknowledge as the only valid version of such T&C at any time the one available in the third parties data base.

The User recognizes and accepts its liability regarding the review of the Site and these T&C.

Article 14.- Cookies

WEAREWADO may use cookies when the User uses the Site. This is regulated by the Cookies Policy.

Cookies are files downloaded to the User’s computer in order for WEAREWADO to obtain information regarding the use of the Site and to offer the User a quicker and better browsing experience in our Site. The use of cookies does not give us any information about your name nor any other kind of personal data. The cookies that we use do not allow us to reed data from your computer nor read the cookies that are in your computer.

The User has the possibility to set its browser in order for it to notify in the screen the cookies reception and in order to avoid their set up in your hard drive. Please, check the instructions of your browser in order to expand this information.

In order to access the information of the Site, it is necessary that the User allows the set up of cookies.

Article 15.- Visitor’s registry

WEAREWADO informs its Users that when accessing the Site, different data like location, language, operational system is obtained by the Site. All this information is registered by Google Analytics with the aim to obtain statistics that allow us to obtain different statistical data.

Article 16. – Governing Law and jurisdiction

These T&C will be governed and interpreted by the Spanish Law.

All the questions between WEAREWADO and the User related to the interpretation, fulfillment and validity of these T&C shall be governed by the clauses of these document and, regarding what is not stated in this document, according to the Spanish law.

The parties agree to summit, at their election, the resolution of their conflicts to the courts of the Members registered address and agree to waive any other jurisdiction.